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About us

NAV PRERNA FOUNDATION is an extension and continuum of the INSPIRATION project which has its headquarters in New Delhi.

After the completion of 10 years of services in the slums and low income areas of West Delhi, INSPIRATION opened a Centre and Group Home in Dehradun, capital of Uttarakhand, for children and young adults with severe autism and other developmental challenges. Our choice fell on Dehradun as the climate and environment are conducive to the treatment of these special individuals. The therapeutic atmosphere of the hills – only a night’s journey from Delhi – has seen the successful rehabilitation of a large number of children and young adults, some of whom have been assimilated into society and their family businesses. Some children, whom we were lucky to catch young, are now in regular schools or integrated set-ups. Several local students in the 6 to 10 age group are now in mainstream schools and also availing of our outreach services.

After the successful completion of the Supported Decision Making Pilot project of PARIVAAR (National Federation of Parents’ Associations), under the UN Convention of Right of Disabled People, the need was felt for a new Trust to recreate and emulate the successful model of INSPIRATION in Delhi. In December, 2010 the new Trust was registered. It was named NAV PRERNA FOUNDATION in keeping with the language exigencies of Uttarakhand.

navprerna foundation about us

The Group Home of NAV PRERNA FOUNDATION provides complete residential care to a limited number of people. At present, the limit is ten, home take this above a figure determined by the availability of space and funds. However, many outreach cases come to us for rehabilitation and therapy courses. Parents are provided special training so they can take better care of their wards at home.

Parents from all over India contact us through our internet or learn of us by word of mouth. As INSPIRATION is a member of Parivaar (National Federation of Parents’ Association) it is known to parent associations across the country. Children and young adults from the low income group are given free services in our day care centre. Over the years, many children from the slums who had availed of our services in the Delhi Centre have received free services in Dehradun.

NAV PRERNA FOUNDATION has created a centre where such individuals may lead a near-normal existence in a safe environment. The creation of a community which would allow people from the nearby villages, people with other disabilities, and siblings and family members to support and help these special individuals to live a near-normal life is the ultimate aim of this Trust.

NAV PRERNA FOUNDATION enjoys tax exemption under 80G of the Income Tax Act, and has established itself in this young Mountain State, which still sadly lacks a comprehensive life-span approach for persons with severe disabilities and challenges.

navprerna vision Our Vision

NAV PRERNA FOUNDATION, in common with its mother organization, INSPIRATION, upholds the belief that all people with disabilities – whether children or adults, whether mildly or severely challenged – have the right to live their lives to the full with dignity and satisfaction, enjoying the same human rights as other members of society.

Our Mission Our Mission

To create a conducive atmosphere in order to maximize the potential of individuals with autism and other developmental disorders, and to bring these special individuals into the closest possible proximity with nature where they can flourish in an unrestrictive environment.

nav prerna future plans Our Future Plans

NAV Prerna Foundation aims to establish a holistic centre for individuals who require life-long support. People with severe autism and other challenges are currently marginalized as there are very few organizations working to meet their needs. As they age, their parents experience increasing despair, fearing for the future of their wards.