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Our Services

Early Intervention

Early Intervention center gives training and schooling to children below the age of six. There is special emphasis on self-help skills, communication, socialization and sensory integration.Parents come to the Dehradun centre for outreach services for children.

Special Schooling

For children from 6-14 years, special education programmes are provided; special educators and skilled personnel carry out an assessment to determine the needs of each child; the child is then enrolled in the appropriate programme.

Vocational Training

This is started early to inculcate a love for work; students are encouraged to help in the running of the home according to their capacities, and are simultaneously taught self-help skills, the work culture is strongly encouraged as this helps them perform all round at higher levels.

Vocational Activities

Young adults with skills are placed in a work schedule where they develop self-sufficiency and sustainable skills, which can bring dividends.

Parental Training Programme

Hands-on training of parents and family members to manage their wards, siblings, etc; for this purpose, we have set up a Guest House for parents and families, the first of its kind in India.

Training and Integration of Persons with Other Disabilities

For true integration to come about our students require a lot support from society; individuals with other disabilities are encouraged to join and support our students.

Involvement of College and School Students

Students from regular schools and colleges in the region habitually interact with our students, which help in integration.

Diet Therapy

Many children and adults with autism suffer from gastrointestinal problems which often lead to aggression and other undesirable behaviors. These problems can be alleviated tremendously with scientific dietary changes. Residents in the Group Home follow the GFCF diet – i.e. a Gluten-Free, Casein- Free diet. The special ingredients used are quite costly, as they are available only in special stores. We have already achieved very good results with a combination of diet, behavior therapy and scheduling; flexibility is maintained depending on the need of, and improvements shown, by the individual.

Emphasis on Physical Welfare

A lot of emphasis is given to the physical well-being of our students; our activities include yoga, games, gardening and the general running of the Home.

Research-Oriented Approach

There is a constant emphasis on delving into the causes of autism and other developmental disabilities. We are also trying to encourage established organizations to take up research in this field.